Puneri Vocab

PUNEKAR…This post is dedicated to all those special words that Punekars come up with.

1) Awraa… I dont know how to explain this in english. It has no parallel. If anyone says or does anything not ordinary, thats the typical reaction.”Awraa…”(prolong the end.. the emotions overflow if you sustain the end)

2) Vadheev… A suitable english word would be a whimsical person or an act. Initially it was used to describe a person, by saying stuff suuch as Kay vadheev ahe to. But soon enough its other forms started appearing. Vadheevpana, vadheevgiri etc etc.

3) Napaas/FAIL.. If anyone does anything stupid, then he is FAIL.

4) Aai chi jay! An exclamation which literally means”Hail Oh Mother”! An expression to display the emotion of shock or surprize.

5) Haramya. An adjective used to describe a devious person. Someone who says something and does the opposite.

6) Chhapri.. A mild way to curse a person. It means that a person has no standards. Associated with banter only.

7) Ghanta.. literally means bell. But in puneri marathi it is a word to express deep disbelief at someones actions.

8) Barrr…. a conversation ender. literally means OK. but in the rudest of the rude puneri ethos, this is said when the person opposite is boring you to death. He says anything, just say barr!, and he wont know what to say. 😀 (..remember to keep it extremely short.. shorter the’barrr’.. more the rudeness)

9) Kamaal… Something amazing. If anything or anyone is out of this world, this word is used to describe.

10) Balach.. Nonsensical. Used to dismiss claims made by the other person.

11) Bhurtya.. Used to describe a person who acts like an idiot. a sugar coated swear word for a waif individual.

13) Dokyat jau nako! Used to silence the person opposite if he is making outrageous claims.

14) Edya layee bhaari.. word to word, it means Awesomely Amazing!

15) Full Hawa.. Means show off..

16) Fukat hawa… unnecessary show off.

17) Ashakkya! means impossible, and is used to describe a variety of things ranging from boredom to enjoyment

18) Ghari Ja! An exclamation to tell the other person to stop meaningless argument. Literally means”Go Home”

19) Ek Numberr/ Vishesshh!! again means Awesome!

21) Aai chya gavat! means In mother’s village. But in puneri marathi, it is a phrase used to describe surprize.

22) Full Radaaa… means a brawl, or mismanagement or any other activity which leads to chaos.

23) Matter zala.. means someone is in trouble


thE rAt rAcE

The other day, I was getting out of the bus, when this thought rushed through my mind, “Are we into a civilized rat race?”

Running RatThe bus had reached its destination and everyone was prepared to get off the bus. But to my surprise the group of people waiting eagerly for the bus for long just gushed in. Now that’s such a pity I thought. All those who had been so patient for the bus to arrive for such a long time were suddenly uncivilized. No one had even bothered to give a thought to; how are they going to manage their up into the bus, coz people inside were wanting to get out from the same door.
Now, think over on this situation, not very uncommon in our routine lives. This happens everywhere, the bus, the train, even the elevator in your building. Everyone seems to be in a hurry. But hurry for what you ask and no one has a sane answer. Some might tell you for a meeting they are getting late, others might just frown at you and grumble saying, “Not everyone is as lucky as you are to have all the time in this world.” But in reality, they actually are frustrated about the time they have wasted and are trying to vent out that steam. Well as we all know when that happens there’s a lot of kinematics involved.
This, however, is not true is what you are thinking probably and if you are I must tell you two things. Firstly, you are still a human and not a vegetable b’coz there are still some sparks flying across your neurons. And secondly, you are absolutely right. We happen to lose or in some cases never gain our individuality in the course trying to cope up with the dazzle around us; what the wise term as a society. Think again! Did you actually need those grades in all those exams  you thought were a turning point in your life? Did you actually needed that watch, bracelet or that locket you so desperately longed for? What about the last time you saw clouds sway by when you were gazing at the full moon in the middle of a night? “When was it?”, try to ask this to yourself and I shall be happy for you if you find an answer.
All the time, what we have been doing is, just forgot that we still have the mammalian instincts, which at times seem to overwhelm us into the delusion that makes us forget of our identity. No identity and we are in the same sewer as the rats. Getting lost with the crowd mired in the rat-race. Paradoxical isn’t it; mired in the rat-race, but this is the whole point. This is what I opened up this blog post with , you are going no-where no matter how hard you try. Amazingly, the harder one tries the slower the pace gets and as we used to say in the good ol’ school days, “The converse is always not true” (Now this is the unfortunate part I didn’t wish to put in here 😦 )
So what is it to be done then? Do we stop running? Do we just be spectators? Need we run in the other direction? … All these thoughts did swarm up my mind when I tried to think ( yeah I know it’s a difficult process, but still I thought of giving it a try). And what answer did I get, ahem you would not be surprised if I tell you that I came to a conclusion that, I can’t find an answer :P. Well don’t swear at me now, it happens, as it does with all those great thinkers like me out there B-).
But one thing’s for sure, I now know it for sure that identity is the most valuable asset that lies with every individual, right from the time (s)he’s born. And for that rat-race, just run along as if there’s no better thing to do. It doesn’t matter where you’re heading , it also doesn’t matter if you win or lose. All that matters in the end is that you ran and didn’t miss that opportunity ;).

Aspire to win! Really?

Interviewer: “So tell me, why did you opt for an MBA?”

Interviewee: I had to broaden my perspective and learn the aspects of Project Management. Like budgeting, scheduling … umm… planning, risk management

Interviewer: But we don’t do it over here. We don’t have the kind of profile you are looking for

Interviewee: (THINKING: Yeah you were getting bored alone and I had all the time in this world to entertain you, which is exactly why I am here #*@%^$) <Long pause…>

Me: Well it’s not really (did I just say that). Every team has deadlines, certain associated costs (and all the crap usually repeated at every interview) …..


This was one of the recent interview sessions at one of the esteemed organizations. I had decided to retrospect the whole incident and every related event in the past (of course on a friend’s suggestion). So what was it? What was it that I was actually lacking with every attempt to succeed? (An attempt and not a sure win. There is a subtle deviation in the two, which is an absolute error.)

Give a thought to the last interview you did not crack (I won’t say could not crack and there is a reason to it – read on). Some more thought and it would not take a genius to crack the nut. Your story wasn’t convincing. It was simply not your day. I have been almost knocked off my wits, when at the end of the entire interviewing session (which usually is non-productive even if the candidate is selected and we shall keep it for a separate blog), you are encounter the perfectly brilliant inference. The job description has completely no relevance to the entire interview process you’ve just been through.

Let’s flip sides for a moment. I have also come across an edified beings, who reasoned the inability in the art of deception with the actor’s line, “I was not well prepared for this interview” or “I didn’t have sufficient time to prepare”.

Enough of whining! (say it loud if its on ya mind)

And there is absolute pause. Like a placid pond. And then the first ripple. The second, the third. But wait there something. Something unusual. There is a strange bedlam. Seems to makes no sense, but still has a perfect meaning. What is this strangeness?

It’s no wonder is unfamiliar. Even I didn’t, I swear. The last time I remember such strangeness was in my primary school. Everything around me was chaotic and I was enjoying it. It made perfect sense to me.

What has changed is not what’s around. Nope nor have we changed. What’s changed are the aspirations, b’coz the perceptions aren’t the same anymore. I don’t enjoy a sparrow hopping across the tracks these days. But am surely saddened with one disfavoring incident.

Let me take you back to where we started. The interview now, is no more disappointing. It’s no more a report card grading my qualities. It’s fun. I get to meet at-least 3 new people. For that creepy bug in your mind  – the HR, who is orchestrating, the gentle interviewer and of course your competitor (you forgot the poor thing). My experience says the competing candidates are your best source of information, especially post interview, like after a week (don’t make the perennial mistake trying to crack the interview pattern). Usually in my view each of his failures is a potential opportunity posing before you. Grab it!

And for that aspiring attitude. Get rid of the error as I mentioned somewhere before. Do not attempt. Know what you want, picturize it and go for it. Don’t aspire to win, Win!


Back in the Box

It feels good blogging after a while. This post has been named just as a reflection of that feeling. And more of course…

I have been thinking lately (yeah sometimes I do :-P) of things that I come across everyday and yet fail to notice. It was a lamp post that caught my attention and gave a kick with this thinking stuff. I thought for a while and then decided that since I have stumbled upon something I was aware of already, but failed to acknowledge in my mental register (bull shit… there is no such thing as… but that’s blabber and you know that :-D)

It all started at a bachelor’s party. A friend trying to desperately enjoy his last days of bachelorhood, anxious to get married. Yep, its called paradox. But this story is not about a desperate bachelor (shall leave it to some other blog). This is about me and the lamp-post. It was around 4 am, I was heavily drunk and had this feeling of a loner. There are times when you try to get drunk and more you drink, the more elevated your senses get. I was in this alcoholic trance or trans to be more appropriate. After a typical Bollywood movie with the rhetoric love story, I was even more lonely.

To get some fresh air I came out to find another loner in the wee hours of the morning. It was the duteous lamp post, standing at the street-side. I could see no one being benefited by the light, instead I cursed the lamp at one moment as it made it difficult for me to gaze the stars (I was high and guess you still haven’t lost track). Wrote a senseless message to a friend, Was drunken awake @ 4. Watching dutiful ol’ lamp-post, lone in the starlight. Later to ask myself, “Why is it that we try to make sense of everything we bump across?” Thought of writing it maself, then the wise little birdie wispered in its soft tone, “Plead it to the experts(She promises me that I can see this in one of her blogs, I’m waiting…).
This moment was enlightenment. This was, when I realized, “trying to think out of the box is not always debits to the benefit side”.

Now, get back to your own story. Yes give yourself time and think. Think when was the last time you thought not of coming up with that bright idea (which of course you never invented all by yourself). All the time one thinks of is to think out of the box. Poor soul is unable to realize that to make his life more happy, one needs to improve the box used for thinking first. Neither everyone is a born genius nor all of us prove our genius ever in our life-time. Accept what is and live life like you have never lived before.

Once you accept your habitat, thou shalt realize, there’s much yet undiscovered…
Happy exploring folks, Adiós! 😉