Back in the Box

It feels good blogging after a while. This post has been named just as a reflection of that feeling. And more of course…

I have been thinking lately (yeah sometimes I do :-P) of things that I come across everyday and yet fail to notice. It was a lamp post that caught my attention and gave a kick with this thinking stuff. I thought for a while and then decided that since I have stumbled upon something I was aware of already, but failed to acknowledge in my mental register (bull shit… there is no such thing as… but that’s blabber and you know that :-D)

It all started at a bachelor’s party. A friend trying to desperately enjoy his last days of bachelorhood, anxious to get married. Yep, its called paradox. But this story is not about a desperate bachelor (shall leave it to some other blog). This is about me and the lamp-post. It was around 4 am, I was heavily drunk and had this feeling of a loner. There are times when you try to get drunk and more you drink, the more elevated your senses get. I was in this alcoholic trance or trans to be more appropriate. After a typical Bollywood movie with the rhetoric love story, I was even more lonely.

To get some fresh air I came out to find another loner in the wee hours of the morning. It was the duteous lamp post, standing at the street-side. I could see no one being benefited by the light, instead I cursed the lamp at one moment as it made it difficult for me to gaze the stars (I was high and guess you still haven’t lost track). Wrote a senseless message to a friend, Was drunken awake @ 4. Watching dutiful ol’ lamp-post, lone in the starlight. Later to ask myself, “Why is it that we try to make sense of everything we bump across?” Thought of writing it maself, then the wise little birdie wispered in its soft tone, “Plead it to the experts(She promises me that I can see this in one of her blogs, I’m waiting…).
This moment was enlightenment. This was, when I realized, “trying to think out of the box is not always debits to the benefit side”.

Now, get back to your own story. Yes give yourself time and think. Think when was the last time you thought not of coming up with that bright idea (which of course you never invented all by yourself). All the time one thinks of is to think out of the box. Poor soul is unable to realize that to make his life more happy, one needs to improve the box used for thinking first. Neither everyone is a born genius nor all of us prove our genius ever in our life-time. Accept what is and live life like you have never lived before.

Once you accept your habitat, thou shalt realize, there’s much yet undiscovered…
Happy exploring folks, Adiós! 😉



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vishal
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 17:39:59

    Good one… Especially the thought : “Why is it that we try to make sense of everything we bump across?” …. 😀


  2. Nidhi Bagdia
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 23:14:59

    A pretty good one… Honestly… And i shall keep my promise n u shall see it on my blog soon 🙂 Anyways, its about ur post here… So, dis stuff is cool… But i want u to write more… Way to go buddy! Keep blabberin, i’m listenin 🙂


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